My Story


I'm Charnell, and I photograph ambitious and creative women. These women are business owners, content creators, and mentors who want to tell their story, connect to their audience and grow their business. The ladies I work with are go-getters that share the common fear of keeping up with their industries and the ever changing consumer. Additionally, these go-getters often feel unoriginal, insufficient, and lost, to be frank.

I remove those fears, get them in the front of the camera (coaching them the entire time), and give them a jump-start marketing guide on how to use their branding photos to grow their business and create their version of success. Plus, encourage them to have a stronger online presence!


You are unique; the world needs you.


One gorgeous client shared that she couldn't wait to use the photos we shot during our branding shoot! Nearly four hours, 637 photos, and a beautiful gallery later, this go-getter is ready to launch out into the world using her unique images to showcase her business and her ability to serve her customers. All of my go-getting clients have felt UNSTOPPABLE, CONFIDENT, and READY once they've seen their completed gallery :-)

When I'm not photographing go-getters, I convene with my sisters-friends (as I like to call them) and reflect on life. Also, I love to veg out on a free Saturday binge-watching Columbo or Perry Mason. My favorite above all, I love to spend quiet time with God for refreshment and refocus—which I need constantly! Anyone else?

Coming soon, I will be offering Events and Couple/Engagement, Maternity, and Senior Sessions to my photography services. So stay tuned! Lots of exciting things for the upcoming year!

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