Personal Branding Photography will be your best investment!

✨So, being someone who didn't grow up with entrepreneurs or had any good examples around, I'm finding out how your passions become your business. I mean offering your passions as services takes the ability to not sell yourself short, sacrifice, and not be a pushover. ⠀
🌸I love photography; don't get me wrong. But this back end stuff😬. And I'm trying not to be a perfectionist, but it's inching out. Now I see why God put me in fire. 4 years ago, I would've dissipated lol.⠀
✨However, I am enjoying the journey. I realize I was made to do this, and with my God-given ability, I’ll bless so many go-getters, small business owners, life coaches, and content-creators with photos they can be proud of. ⠀
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Ready to look official?

Greetings, Go-getter! Let's agree that not all of us have the convenience of being celebrities, significant influencers, or mega-preachers and can get away with casual and disorderly IG feeds, half-done Facebook pages, and low-quality event flyers.


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Common Problems

First impressions will determine people’s decision to engage you—whether a first date, business collaboration, or investing in your brand. What if I told you that personal branding photography could give your brand the upgrade it needs to solve all of these issues?

Instead of having borrowed, average quality photos on your Instagram and lousy images for your website, you'll have access to a glorious supply of beautiful photos from your personal gallery! You won't have to plan shoot after shoot for each time you needed photos. All of your marketing material, flyers, blog/YouTube thumbnails, and IG feed will look like one big happy family. People love this!




From headshots to products, your work process to where you go to take a lunch break, you'd be able to:

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tell your story

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connect with your audience

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grow your business

You may feel overcome with how crowded your market looks and a bit concerned about the originality of your brand. I feel you! I'm one of millions of LA branding photographers. But, I believe in uniqueness and I can see your unique fingerprint and turn it into a profitable brand!


The Personal Touch Branding Experience

A personal branding photography session to supply you with custom, curated images to populate your website, social media feeds, and everything in between includes:

The GPS to Success!

Here’s what the process looks like:

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Personal Branding Services begins at $287

Sessions also available on a quarterly basis at a special rate.


Please note that spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is very limited. A 50% retainer and signed contract is required to reserve your date.


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Meet Charnell

It's me Charnell! While I do ministry as a lifetime passion, I pay the bills having fun with numbers as a bookkeeper. However my passion project is this right here—people-centered photography. Nonstop do I strive for top-notch professionalism and quality in my photography to deliver timeless photos that people can be proud of. I know what it’s like to feel mediocre but still have so much to offer. It hits close to home.

Personal Branding doesn't feel like work. It gives me that same feeling I get after a beach day with my sister-friends, a date night with Jesus or cozy mornings on the couch watching reruns of Columbo and Perry Mason.

I see the unique fingerprint of every individual. BUT, I will not only provide you with a glorious gallery of photos of your brand, but I will also walk you through efficient and proven ways to use your photos!



let’s have a powwow! If you’re interested in booking the Personal Touch Branding Experience, please complete the form below. i’m delighted to chat with you!

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