Types of Branding Photos Every Go-Getter Should Have!


So, what photos does a typical branding gallery contain? Branding photos will vary from person to person. A go-getter who owns a small jewelry business doesn’t need branding photos of her wardrobe--but a fashion stylist might. What makes personal branding photography so cool is, it’s professionally intimate and unique to you! You set the bar for yourself!

Remember, our goals as business owners, content creators, and bloggers are to bring personality to our brand. If you’re just trying to sell something without this foundation, you’ll chase away a lot of people.

Personal branding photography bridges together the mission your business sets out to accomplish with the needs of your customers without overselling. You want to relate to your customers. They want to know that you empathize with where they are and how to fix it.

Branding photos that accomplish this include the following:

  • Headshots include quality photos of your smiling at the camera! To switch things up, take some of your gorgeous face, half body, and full body!

  • Lifestyle photos bring out your personality! Laughing, smiling, praying., sitting on the couch, standing, walking, sipping coffee, reading, etc. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

  • Inspirational branding photos gives your audience a view of the objects and pictures that inspire you. Do you have a magazine, a person, or a book that inspires you? We’re taking it!

  • Workspace photos are my favorites! This gives your audience an insider’s look into where the action happens! Your desk, your bed, your couch, a full office space, a studio…anything goes!

  • Tools of your trade: Are there specific supplies you use? For me, you’ll find my camera in a lot of my branding photos because it’s a massive part of my trade. Yours might be writing utensils, fabric, or pots and pans.

  • Props: Show off some fun props! Flowers, gift boxes, mugs with funny quotes, or welcome guides.

  • Products: This is major if you sell items! Planners, artwork, or clothing? If you offer a service, it’s good to get photos of happy clients :)

  • Uniqueness: This was hard for me when it came to my own branding photoshoot, but I had a client who brought our her skates because she loves skating! Do you collect comic books or have a hidden talent?

  • Seasonal: Lastly, these are great to have around the holidays. Are you a pumpkin-spice latte lover? Well, lets head to Starbucks, buy one, and get a few images of you sipping it with satisfaction!


How fun! Right? As you can imagine, we have a lot of joy during these photo shoots—and even if you’re camera shy, I’ll get it out of you.

I had a go-getter client who booked a regular 2-3 hour session with me. Initially, she was shy and stiff. I could tell she wasn’t comfortable and was lost at what to do--which is entirely reasonable. But, I reminded her of the planning guide she completed her purpose, the readers who need her, and encouraged her. About ten minutes into our shoot, she found her stride and gave Tyra Banks a run for her money! I loved it!

These branding photos not only give your business a professional look, but it also keeps your business personal. People want consistency and trustworthiness.

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You got this!