Ways to Use Your Branding Photos

Whenever I have a long day full of networking and grinding for my business, and I’m spinning like a top 💎, I remember the gratitude I have for the freedom I’m afforded as an entrepreneur. I’m grateful God didn't keep me in a mindset of comfort and stability, but rather faith to leap out knowing His everlasting arms are beneath me. ❤️❤️Double Tap if it’s the little things that keep you going too! .
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Looking for photos to match the event can be altogether daunting. My brain short-circuits when trying to find photos for flyers, ads, blog posts, and thumbnails. Well, one of my favorite features about the personal touch branding experience is the gallery of go-to images you have access to. All that guesswork and searching for the perfect off-brand picture—a thing of the past!

After I professionally edit the photos to be just right and deliver the gallery to you, I can suspect that your first thought will be: "Where do I start? How can I use these?"

Here are some methods to use your branding photos. They're not restricted to what's listed here. The list is endless! I've shared a few below. To recap, personal branding photography is the process of:

  • Telling your story

  • Showcasing what makes you business unique beyond what you sell

  • Upleveling your brand

#1 All Social Media Platforms

Have you ever landed on a feed and wondered, "Who in the world is taking all of their photos?" Now, not all of us are blessed to have Instagram boyfriends/husbands or girlfriends/wives or an assistant to take the photo at the snap of our fingers.

Side-note: can we applaud ourselves for getting a months worth of photos in one day? We don't have to think about another photoshoot for a while.

You can use your branding photos for Instagram profile pictures, new posts to go with your content for the week, or your IGTV/highlight thumbnail. They can also act as your cover photos on your business or personal Facebook pages.

#2 Marketing Tools

One thing I love about branding photos is I don't have to borrow pictures from an open-source library. As much as I love the excellent quality of the stock images, nothing says "your brand" like "you." Whether you're hosting a networking event or having a quick meet-and-greet at your local coffee shop, these photos make assembling flyers a breeze. Postcards? Easy. E-book covers? Done! Not only that, but these can be use for make business cards too!

#3 Website Branding

We want our brand to look the same across the board. You want your audience to feel like they’re in one home but all the rooms are designed a little differently. With websites, that can be almost difficult considering how much more you have to take into account besides a photo and caption. This was the biggest obstacle for me early on when I started building websites. I never had a “own-brand” look! One web page would look unrelated to the other, and it was visually dull. Branding photos solves that problem. You can use them for vertical and horizontal images that serve as banners and thumbnail images for your website.

#4 Presentation Slides

Giving a presentation on your business? There's nothing more fitting for branding photos than presentation slides. Whether you're proposing a plan to potential investors aka clients, or if you're teaching a webinar.

Case in point, I remember seeing a presentation of one of the top sales expert in the industry—Kendrick Shope. She had such an eye-catching powerpoint presentation—stunning photos and minimal wording. From her presentation alone, I downloaded the more comprehensive guide that had fewer pictures. BUT, I was so convinced that what she had to offer, I needed—solely from the visual delicacy of her presentation.

I've only scratched the surface with these 4 ways. There are an unlimited amount of ways to use personal branding photos. Anywhere your audience and business/content/service intersects—whether an Instagram post, a facebook live flyer, or invitations to your networking event—these branding photos can do all the talking for you.

That’s all I have for today! Check out this awesome freebie if you haven’t. It’ll jump start your personal brand and get you confident for the upcoming year.

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