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I don't want to be a salesperson. I worked as a sales associate for a hardware store three years ago. Some people have that talent naturally—I was skipped over (which explains the six-month endurance). For me, personal branding photos relieve you of the labor of over-marketing your content, services, or products. If you're anything like me, the idea of convincing someone they need me or a product feels draining. I'm a firm believer that being sincere, believing in your content, products and/or services, and desiring to provide solutions for others are what make businesses valuable and profitable. Everyone wins!

Personal Branding photos showcase your content or business in a human-like way. They show:

  • Integrity and trustworthiness

  • Genuine Concern

  • Personality

  • Value

Today, social media is the leading path that people take to connect with various entities. These include online stores, social groups, mentorships, and friends (although, there's a delicate balance to all).

I get it. Certain aspects of social media make us frown. But, we can't deny the powerful tool it has become for go-getters across the world.

If you want to run a thriving business or engage a wider audience, presentation is KEY.

How would I show up to a job interview? Hmm, if I want to get hired, I better look my best. Then, once hired, to get promoted, I must stay consistent.

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Your visual presentation says more about you than your words. Personal branding photos puts a friendly face on your business, content, or service. They:

  1. Tell your story

  2. Grow your audience

  3. Uplevel your brand

  4. Show Consistency which Builds Trust

It's not enough to push products to sell or services to provide. If you want people to INVEST in you, you must strive to connect to them on a personal level and to their need. Superficial business practices only make people resist you.

Most of us can sniff out a sales pitch from a mile away. I remember going into a phone store to replace my earphones during lunch. While browsing, the sales rep followed me stealthily, and I began to inch further away until I just got my earphones and ran out of there. I just want to have a look around without being pestered!

Personal branding photos will not only build a strong presence but also make your business, services, or content—approachable.

Have you considered what your brand is? Check out this freebie below!