The Day I Met Someone Who Impacted My Life

The last time I saw Ray Comfort was nearly 7 years ago. He set up a little gathering in the middle of campus (UC Berkeley) to engage with nonchristians. ⠀
At the time, I was not walking with the Lord and walked in blatant disobedience. His judgement gnawed on me constantly. So I think about this time, God started putting different encounters in my path, tugging on my heart little by little.⠀
On my way to track practice, I heard this man answering questions posed by Atheists and others alike. I never seen anything like it. I didn’t know it was THE Ray Comfort lol. ⠀
I tried ignoring the gospel but I couldn’t. I stopped and stood for 3 hours listening to this man engage with everyone around him, and still see how much love he had for our souls.⠀
I didn’t repent then, but I never ever forgot it. ⠀
What an HONOR it was today to meet Ray Comfort and EZ! ⠀
It was a blessing because after Ray’s interview, I felt so at peace. He had the Word of God down and it fed my spirit man. Fun times and one I’ll never forget.⠀

So, you probably have no idea who these two men are. That’s OK. The point of this post isn’t to talk about that fangirl moment where Ray Comfort and EZ walked into my job for an exclusive interview. Granted, telling you about how Mr. Comfort performed a few magical tricks for me would be cool. OK, now I have to! 

He walked in and naturally, being the receptionist, I was the first person he greeted. We shook hands and then began his pitch. 

“I’ve got here two dollars,” as he showed me two one-dollar bills. “Can you see that?”

“Yep!” I responded excitedly. 

“Are you sure you see two one-dollar bills?”

“Yes…I’m sure,” raising my brows a little hesitantly.

“Would you bet your life on it?” 

“Umm… maybe,” so much for being sure. 

He crumbled the two one-dollar bills and straightened it back out and revealed a $5-dollar bill. The lesson of that day: 

never wager your life, no matter how sure you are.

Ray is a funny guy. He proceeded to give everyone in our office In-N-Out gift cards. 

I first encountered Ray Comfort in 2013. I was a much different girl. My life was in shambles, and I walked in utter darkness against the God I knew of my entire life—I’ll save that for another time.

One day after I finished my last class of the day around 2:00 PM, I headed to the track for practice (I was a short sprinter). Upon arriving at the last student square before the locker room, this man’s loud voice caught my attention. He stood on this wooden crate with a microphone and put out an invitation for non-Christians to ask him anything.

I’m not sure what possessed me to stand there for three hours and miss practice with no warning to my coach, but I did. It was the first time in almost forever that I heard God’s word. My heart always wanted what God did, but I didn’t know how to live that life. It seemed more natural for me to just go after whatever desires I wanted, even if it cost me my sanity or my life.

Did I make up my mind to repent of my sins and follow Jesus the rest of my life at that time? No.

I went back to the dark side.

Two of my sister-friends and I enjoying coffee and a motivating conversation <3

Two of my sister-friends and I enjoying coffee and a motivating conversation <3


Six years later, meeting him in person made me realize that those 3-hours I stayed under the sound of his voice as God's love for people flowed through him, planted a seed in my heart. Sure, it didn't grow overnight, but that day was the defining day that God knew my heart was sensitive to Him.

To meet a person that planted seed was unreal. Imagine meeting a celebrity or famous person who you've looked up to and were greatly influenced by. Do you ever think you'll get to meet them?

When I met Ray that day at work, I felt like all that I went through during those tough years, were purposeful. God is so on purpose with every moment we experience. This truth encourages me to not despise life when things aren't going smoothly.

You may not understand odd moments where you're drawn to something, or you may wonder about the path you're taking. I hope this little story reminds you that your life is purposeful and God has a funny but loving way of guiding you toward Him to be everything He created you to be.

Be Blessed,


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