What Props To Bring to a Personal Branding Photoshoot Session?


“Bob the builder, can you fix it? Bob the builder, yes we can!” Anyone recognize that little jingle? It’s from a 3D-animation cartoon I use to watch as a kid—well I never watched it, I just sang the song…over and over again (poor mom). However, even in the title alone, you know that kids are going to watch Bob using a hammer, eating his lunch from his lunchbox, his work gear, and possibly a little glimpse into life when he gets home.

What props tell your story? What accessories do you want others to associate you with?

For example, this picture is from the Mercy Collection I shot a while back with one of my Go-getters. You can tell from the props she carefully chose that her blog addresses beauty on the inside. It would be rather confusing if we took photos of her makeup palettes and skincare products.

My process of streamlining your personal brand is to ensure we’re capturing the real deal and not industry expectations. You want to be in control of your brand since it's showing who you are. So, here are some things you might find yourself bringing to your personal branding photoshoot.

The Tools of Your Trade

  • Albums, Floras, Artwork… whatever you sell!

  • The materials you use to make, package, or ship your product(s)

    • scissors, ribbons, paper, flowers, baking, food, sewing supplies

  • Service-based Go-Getters - Pictures of you and your clients, Your business cards, or marketing material

  • Calendar or task lists

  • A laptop or tablet

  • Camera

Sentimental Stuff

  • Journals and planners

  • Family Photo

  • Favorite books

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Magazines that inspire you

Fun stuff

  • Phone (Game Apps)

  • Netflix on your TV

  • Your pet’s accessories (not your pet)

  • Earphones

  • Jewelry

  • makeup brushes

Your Set Up

  • Whiteboard

  • Organizing Materials

  • Office Coffee Mug

Seasonal Props

  • Fall/Winter/Summer/Spring decorations

  • Holiday Decorations (Christmas, Easter, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, etc)

This is not to say that these props are fixed to their category. For example, if you sell journals, they will more likely be the tools of your trade than the sentimental stuff. Your props are vital to showing your audience how you want them to associate certain materials with you.

Don’t know what props you’d bring? That’s fine! We’ll have that figured out way before your branding photoshoot. If you’re interested in booking me for a personal branding photoshoot session, contact me. 

Have a great day!


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