7 Reasons You Should You Hire A Personal Branding Photographer


I am guilty of this entire process: (1) set up my phone against a stack of books, (2) use the non-selfie camera (since it’s better quality), (3) dial the timer for 10 seconds, (4) run to my position hoping I’m in frame and in focus, (5) hold the pose and smile until I think 10 seconds has gone by and finally (6) to my dismay, the photo looks NOTHING how I imagined. And repeat.

I’m no mind-reader, but if you’re even slightly considering the personal branding photography package, you’ve probably questioned if you should hire a personal branding photographer or not.

Our businesses, social media platforms, and organizations are gravely dependent on proper branding through photography. If you’re trying to make a statement about who you are and what you do, short- and long-term, hiring a personal branding photographer is borderline a necessity.

“Making it in the world today, takes everything you got…” and that includes showing up with authority and gaining the trust of your audience.

Here are seven reasons you should hire a personal branding photographer.

  1. No More Stock Photos. The best stock photos, you have to pay for; and while you might hit the jackpot with a few free stock images (perhaps from different photographers) every now and then, they still aren’t you. Most people aren’t impressed with the pictures they can easily find online. Stock photos limit your brand’s potential to form connections with genuine clients/customers. 

  2. Expertise: Any person that is providing photography as a service knows how to take bomb photos! Photographers assess so many different parts of a good picture that generally would be overlooked by the Instagram boyfriend/husband. And, you won't have to worry and take a do-over picture every time you checked to see if the light was good. As a photographer, I’m obsessed with good light—so I got you!

  3. Productivity & Time. When your photographer spends three hours with you shooting, you will have a complete gallery of professionally edited, high-resolution photos at your disposal. That means you don’t need to schedule a photoshoot every time you needed photos. Need thumbnails for your blog post? Shop your own gallery. Not only are you productive by using yourself as a resource (rather than doing a google search), but also, you save time by not trying to squeeze in a decent selfie for a caption (ladies, we know how long that might take…).

  4. Relationship Building: Once you’ve met your match, you build a strong foundation with a photographer who knows how to capture your vision. You’ll never have to explain your brand to another photographer again!

  5. It’s a good investment. As with everything, your business will only be as good as your investment in it. If you keep going the “generic” route, you’ll get “generic results.” If you want people to truly and genuinely invest in what you have to offer them, then you have to lead by example. When you invest, you add value and worth to your brand. As that value increases, the demand for your product or service increases. 

  6. Not all niches are created equally. Granted, some photographers are multi-talented in that they’re able to shoot a little bit of everything. However, branding photographers have the mental and strategic outlook on capturing “branding” photos! They understand what showcases you and your brand in the best way possible. 

  7. Focusing on Your Passion, Not Your Picture. We avoid the grueling and time-consuming self-photography process. Rather than you trying to figure out the best way to take your photo, you have someone who specializes in making you look your best tell you that your hair strand is sticking out, or to lower your chin. The photographer takes care of the pictures so you can focus 100% on the passion.

I genuinely care about your success and that you are portrayed as the authority to your clients and customers. If I have the tools to make that happen for you, then why not? 

And not to worry, you will see the investment returned when you decide to give your audience quality and passion mixed into a branding photo.

Your Photographer,