All It Took Was a Text


Who would've thought while sipping on some coffee ☕ and working diligently in Starbucks that God would direct me to do something that would change the course of my life forever?

"Text the group and ask if any of the ladies want to come join you,” He instructed. It was clearly Him because I didn’t feel like being bothered with anyone on this particular day 🤦‍♀️. Divine interruptions...gotta love 'em!

I shrugged off the command and responded, “What if it's someone who has a lot of their mind? I’ll get nothing done.”

I tried to resume my work, but the Lord urged me that it was better to obey Him, than to do what I think was best. What if no one showed up and God was just testing my obedience? That’s a test I don’t want to fail. 

🌟It’s that time of year again—trees aren’t shedding their leaves in Los Angeles, BUT Macy’s is (already) getting ready for Christmas 🎄and in that vein, I want to share a little of how I get prepared for my branding photoshoots!⠀
1️⃣ Create a printout with the photoshoot timeline, including what pictures are being taken at what time interval and location.⠀
2️⃣ I also print out a mini Pinterest board with the photos my clients drew inspiration, from⠀
3️⃣ I pack my camera bag, lenses, additional memory cards, and extra battery the night before. ⠀
4️⃣ I set up a free 20-minute call (if necessary) with my go-getter for any last-minute business.⠀
5️⃣ Finally, I’ll email my client the revised timeline & game-plan with small reminders of what to bring. ⠀
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So, I pulled up my ministry GroupMe on my phone and sent a mass text to inform my sister-friends of my whereabouts and how I was open to anyone joining me if they were in the area.

This one text changed my life when my first client walked through the door.

Chance? Luck of the draw? Or a wish upon a star⭐?

No. It wasn’t chance. I didn’t happen to fall into this photographer/entrepreneur business stuff. To be honest, I never imagined from the little girl I was to the college graduate stepping into full-time work, that I would be in business for myself.

This was a total setup 😅.

As a Christian, I believe that every single human was created by God with a specific purpose. Early on, we ignore these God-given skills and talents because we want to do what society buzzes about (being a doctor, fireman, nurse, or engineer).

Cardiology was where my high school self’s heart was set on (even though I quickly learned that the medical field wasn’t my strength, even when I tried). But as I kid, by just using my eye and imagination alone, I could take good pictures. I could look at a landscape and create a composition that stayed permanent in my mind when I recalled what I saw.

Although, as an adolescent, I didn’t know what “composition” meant as far as that black-and-white paint splash book you had to buy in grade school.


By my fourth month working as a bookkeeper/receptionist, I felt this tug to start thinking about entrepreneurship—even though I’m highly unqualified. I started drawing up some mockups of websites (which is what I always did as a kid) and play around with pricing guides…for a makeup service. Yes, I was going to be a makeup artist…I thought that’s what it was.

It wasn’t the BEST, but it was a start. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Absolutely. Because, compared to now, my website and pricing guides weren’t close to ready for the public. There were a lot of things I didn’t know, not having a marketing and business background.

One day in June, I was in my favorite place in the world sipping on probably a vanilla cold brew coffee—Starbucks. It was habitual for me to go to Starbucks at least three times a week (still is) to work on business stuff and other things.

…Ahh, we’ve caught up to the beginning… good!

Fast forward, once that text sent off to my girls, I waited. Then, one of the girls texted me that she was right down the street and was on her way. I approved and continued to work until she arrived.

She walked through the doors and we were excited to see each other.

We talked…a lot. We caught up on life, business, and what we believe God was doing in our lives. It was perhaps one of the richest conversations I’ve had all year. It’s beautiful when two women can feed off of each other without bitterness, jealousy, and rivalry.

After about a couple hours, she took off. Now, I had shared in the interim of our conversation that I was going to add photography to my makeup service package or separate both businesses. I wasn't thinking much of it…but God was.


That was it. You are probably thinking…

So, God, what was that all about? Well, that wasn’t my exact thought.. I actually enjoyed that conversation so much, I was blessed and energized afterwards.

But, God does everything on purpose. It made sense a couple days later when she randomly sent me this promotional ad on InstaStory for a free Personal Branding Masterclass with a successful, sought-after, professional photographer. She didn’t say anything… just sent the picture. And to think about it, I don’t think I responded.

You guys, I didn’t think twice! I signed up for this webinar. I tuned in and as the webinar came to an end, there was an inner witness within my soul that knew this is what I needed.

See, God intervened for me because while I was being obedient with those nudges to go into entrepreneurship, I didn’t know the right way to set up a photography business…let alone market it. Entrepreneurship doesn’t run in my family history and I don’t have a network of successful entrepreneurs in my inner circle.

I paid mega $$$ for this summer masterclass (well, it was a lot for me). It was so much I had to take the two payment route instead of one-time! (I’m thankful for the option…AfterPay yaaaasss!).

And boom, here I am. Haha. the moral of the story: pay attention to your life.

I tell my friends that I don’t feel like a photographer; my shoots feel out-of-body sometimes that it’s not until I start the editing process that I realize I took amazing photos—not to brag, but my Go Getters make my job very easy!

It’s nothing like doing something you were made to do, not trained to do. You might need a little polishing, but with God, all things are possible.

Be blessed,


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