Personal branding photography Services


Hey there unsatisfied Go-Getter! You’ve been scouring the internet, imitating other businesses, comparing yourself to others, and posting nonstop on your social media platforms—at maximum effort. BUT, you aren’t seeing any results…at least the kind of results that last.

There are many things you could keep doing:

  • Keep that inconsistent & lackluster Instagram Feed

  • Keep borrowing “off-brand” stock photos to fill in that void

  • Keep taking your own photos that may not give off that professional vibe you desire.

  • Or worst, you could remain stuck with slow growth.

OR, you could stop the striving. You could put an end to recycling internet photos that other businesses and profiles are using. Instead, you could have in your possession 100+ curated photos of your brand in a personalized gallery to use for almost ANYTHING: marketing flyers, business cards, website banners, and more!


The Personal Branding Standard Package

Imagine waking up one morning ready to create some business cards for a special conference with 100+ photos to choose from—and they’re all yours!


The Personal Branding Standard Package includes:

  • 2-3 Hour Photoshoot

  • Up to 3 Locations

  • 3-5 Outfit Changes

  • Online Gallery (100-140 photos)

  • Commercial Use

A personal branding photography session will supply you with custom, curated images to populate your website, social media feeds, and everything in between.

Note: You do not have to already be established. One of my Go-Getters booked a session way before her launch next year.


Pricing : $277 USD

a 50% retainer fee and signed contract is required to book your shoot.


The Luxe Package

Want to get your business or content ready for a season, or a holiday? Maybe you’re just getting started and want to experiment different looks. This Luxe Package gives you the experience of the full standard package but allows you room to change it up if necessary!


The Luxe Package includes:

  • 1 Hour Photoshoot

  • 1 Location

  • 1-2 Outfit Changes

  • 30-40 Professionally Edited Images

  • Online Gallery

  • Commercial License

This is a great way to jump start your brand and find your rhythm! As well, if you’re already established and need photos for holidays, special events, or seasons.


Pricing : $175 USD

a 50% retainer fee and signed contract is required to book your shoot.


From Call to Photoshoot



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The choice is yours, Go-Getter. But I honestly believe that if you book a photoshoot session with me, it will be the last time you’d ever have to stress over personal brand images. Not only that, the fun will continue after your gallery is delivered. You will be added to my exclusive facebook group, The Go-Getter’s Coterie, where you experience the following benefits:

  • Receive Marketing Gems

  • Learn how to optimize your social media platforms

  • Content prompts

  • Professional development skills

  • Networking opportunities

  • Guides on how to use your branding photos

And guess what? It’s all free!

If you are interested in booking a personal branding photoshoot, fill out the form here. Book accordingly as my availability is limited as more Go-Getters book their sessions.





Personal Branding is the process of telling your story, engaging with your audience, and showcasing what makes your business unique beyond what you sell. This is extremely important when it comes to social media platforms. When you’re just starting off, handing out flyers to your neighbors 🏘 may not be the most efficient (or productive). You also don’t want your clients/customers to be just your family 😅. Your priority is rapport-building with the people who view you as a stranger. Your own-brand photos will attract those who really want to work with you while at the same time showing them how consistent you are.


Yes! They are. Clients and customers will make a first impression off of what they see, not what they read (even though this is critical too). For example, if I asked you to tell me what's the first image that pops up in your mind when I say Apple, you could either (A) think of the fruit OR (b) the tech company. Most people know Apple by its clean and minimal branding design. IOS system doesn't come up first...(unless you're into technology to that extent). 🤓


🤩Of course! There is no measuring stick when it comes to personal branding photography. If you get caught up in comparing yourself to others, or in trying to imitate another brand, you might hold yourself back. I’ve streamlined the process from start-to-finish to ensure that I know your vision as best as I can and show you how amazing you are! Personal Branding Photography will work for any Go-Getter who wants to relate to their audience and grow their business.


Sure, there are always “generic” alternatives: Google Images, stock photos, self-photography (This can be tragic! I remember taking a picture of myself, and I chopped my hand out the photo…😂). However, those alternatives are “off-brand.” You want to take charge and be the face of your brand. No matter how free or cheap the generic is, it doesn’t perform or look like the real deal. 💯


I think we can all agree that success doesn’t come overnight (although it can happen). However, you will see improvement in the way that you feel about your business or content 🙌. It’s nothing like the confidence of having an online gallery full of YOUR images. 👊 Engagement will increase whether exponentially or little-by-little.


No worries! Once you’ve completed a branding session with me, you will be automatically added to my exclusive Facebook Group called The Go-Getter’s Coterie! Once a week, I’ll drop some marketing gems 💎, content suggestions and prompts, templates, and more to help you navigate your gallery. However, my dreams for this group goes beyond Facebook!


For Full Service & Pricing Guide, contact me.