Meet Xiomara

Owner of Prosper Planner Co


Shooting Xiomara was a blast! Her gorgeous personality and creative energy fueled me in so many ways. We bounced off of each other’s ideas and energy. She started her company called Prosper Planner. At her Etsy shop, you will find exquisitely Xiomara-designed planners filled with encouragement, goal tracking, calendars, and productivity producing prompts. You can tell she puts her heart into her work.


Prosper Planner encourages the busy woman to remain conscious of that sweet balance between work and life. Xiomara understands that her planner gals desire to use all of the time God has given them wisely and productively. Prosper Planner accounts for the service-driven desire of the Prosper Planner Girl to excel in her God-given gifts.

Additionally, the planner designs cater to all kinds of professional, goal-oriented, and educated women all the while reminding these women of her identity in Christ. With these planners in her hand, the planner girl will continue to pursue God with all her heart—so she prospers always.

Above all, with each purchase of the Prosper Planners, 10% of the profits go to “EmpowHer Institute” that helps mentor and develop minority girls in middle and high school. How inspiring!


From Xiomara,

Being a product-based business, I was concerned with how I could present a personal connection with my products. Charnell was very knowledgable about how your audience connects with you better with human experience versus just selling a product. She gave me lots of practical ideas that I could incorporate in my shoot.

The most enjoyable part of the shoot was being the creative director behind my shoot. Naturally, I am a creative, so I’m thankful that Charnell did not try to ‘force’ me into any specific pose or looks.
Content is King! Now that I have images of my products from the photoshoot - I can design my website and populate my Instagram with great ease. The quality of the pictures are superb, and I’m excited to use these for social media ads when my product launches this fall.

Working with Charnell was precise, productive, and very enjoyable. I admire her focus and concentration of “giving her clients what they need,” so they can be successful in their business. I definitely will be booking more shoots in the future!
— Xiomara Hewlett

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