Meet Uju

CREATOR OF Refining Mercy


Uju is one of the most beautifully-spirited people you’ll ever meet! I’m so glad she’s diving into blogging. I met her three years ago. However, we didn’t stay in touch. Years later, the next time I saw her, she had utterly transformed—inside and out! “How did you do it?” was one of the first things I asked her.

She is an excellent example of why you don’t have to wait until you’re established to book a personal branding photoshoot with me. Uju proactively invested in her content before it materialized.


From Uju

“One struggle I faced before the shoot was choosing props. At first, I wanted to spend much money on accessories for the shoot. Later though, I eventually decided to use props that I had at home. I genuinely believe my gallery portrayed my essence. I love the Lord, and I love to take care of my temple, laugh, have fun, and smile. I was sincerely content with my gallery.

I just met Charnell, but during the shoot, I felt like I knew her for years. We laughed and had a fantastic time. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Charnell also allowed me to have input during the shoot. She has a very professional yet gregarious aura about her.

My completed gallery will give my blog a professional look and encourage my readers to engage with me. Charnell was able to capture a vulnerable side of me that I know the Lord will use as my biggest strength to inspire others to take care of their temple and enjoy life!
— Uju Anaebere

One thing I love about my clients is their passion for what they do. it’s infectious. Uju made this shoot inspiring and quite therapeutic. We discussed a lot of the topics that she’ll be touching on when her website is ready for the public.

She is exceptionally gifted in the area of holistic health (mind, body, and soul). Uju stands out as her own success story of the habits and lessons God used to transform her. By combining her Nigerian roots, a heart for people, love for Jesus, and her larger-than-life fashion style with her branding photos, Uju is ready to share the wisdom that will no doubt change the health trajectory of many!


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